Does Best Buy Offer Free Installation

Starting today in select markets, Best Buy is piloting a new membership program, called Best Buy Beta, that will provide customers with an array of benefits, including exclusive member pricing, unlimited Geek Squad technical support, up to two years of protection on most product purchases, free standard shipping and delivery, and free installation on most products and appliances.

We have highly skilled Autotechs at Best Buy locations across the U.S. We offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee on all installations. Our installation work will not void your vehicle's warranty. When selling your vehicle or returning a leased one, we'll reinstall any original factory audio equipment that we removed.

For $199.99 per year, or $179.99 per year for Best Buy credit card holders, membership also includes access to a concierge service that is available only to Best Buy Beta members. The Best Buy concierge team is available 24/7 by phone, chat, email or through the Best Buy app.

“As we look to evolve our membership programs, the goal of Best Buy Beta is to create a membership experience that customers will love and to leave them feeling confident throughout their relationship with Best Buy,” said Allison Peterson, Best Buy’s chief customer officer. “This pilot offers premium service, complete with support aimed at anticipating our customers’ needs.”

The pilot is currently available at select stores throughout Iowa, Oklahoma and eastern Pennsylvania. In April, it will expand to customers and select stores in Minnesota, North Carolina and Tennessee. At that time, it will be available at a total of about 60 stores.

More about Best Buy Beta

Best Buy Beta membership includes:

  • Dedicated and exclusive concierge support
  • Unlimited Geek Squad technical support on all technology in your home (whether purchased at Best Buy or not)
  • Fast and free shipping with no minimums
  • Exclusive member pricing on a wide range of products
  • Free in-home standard delivery and installation on most products
  • Two-year protection on most purchases at Best Buy, including AppleCare on Apple products
  • 60-day extended return window
  • 10% off subscription services billed through Best Buy

Existing membership programs

Our current membership program, Total Tech Support ($199.99 per year) is still available to customers outside of our Best Buy Beta pilot markets. Our My Best Buy points program continues to be available nationwide.

To sign up to become a Best Buy Beta member, visit a local Best Buy store in one of our participating cities. Click here to check our store locator.

While you could get your appliance installed by any licensed contractor of your choosing, Best Buy does offer delivery or installation services. When choosing Best Buy, your appliance will be delivered or installed by either Geek Squad or one of our authorized, independent 3rd-party contractors.

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Beside this, how much does Best Buy charge for installation?

Shop car electronics professional installation

Best Buy Offers & Promotions

EntertainmentRegular PriceTotal Tech Support Member Price 2
Standard Speaker Installation$64.99Included
Component Speaker Installation$99.9920% discount
Rear-Seat Video Installation$119.99–$199.9920% discount
Subwoofer Installation$19.99Included

Also Know, does Best Buy charge for appliance installation? We provide free delivery for major appliance purchases $399 and up. We can haul away and recycle your major appliances for a fee. Save big on appliance services with a Total Tech Support membership.

Does Best Buy Offer Installation

Correspondingly, does Best Buy install gas stoves?


Gas Range Install (Non-Regulated) - Best Buy.

How much is it to install a gas stove?

Does Best Buy Offer Free Tv Installation

Gas Stove Installation Hook Up CostsGas stoves run anywhere from $350 to $3,000 or more depending on the brand, features, quality and finish. Installation costs are $100 to $125 if there are already supply lines installed for the gas. If not, gas line installation can cost up to $200 or more.