Free Battery Installation Near Me

Battery And Wheels is an emergency, car battery replacement service that will deliver and install a new car battery at your location as per your convenience. With our service you never have to worry about having your vehicle towed or taken to a workshop. Just call us and one our technicians will replace and install your battery in no time.

With AAA’s Mobile Car Battery Service, you can bypass the parts store and repair shop when it’s time for a new battery. Members can contact AAA with your battery issue and a service technician will come to you to test it. If possible, we’ll replace it on the spot. $149.99 New interstate battery by Local, Licensed, Insured, Experienced Mobile mechanics near you in Miami call to order now 305-998-8138.


Whenever you find your battery of your car is dead, just give a call to Battery And Wheels. We take pride on bringing the vehicle back to the road in a jiffy. We have a team of A-Class technicians who will be available on the spot where your vehicle is situated. They will check the state of the battery by the latest battery tester which will help them to understand the real problem involved(whether jump start is required or new battery replacement is to be done). This car battery testing will help help them to recognize the real problem of the battery.

Free Car Battery Installation Near Me

All depends on the electronic tester's result, if the battery requires jump start, our technicians will help to do so. But if new battery is required, we will replace the battery with super quality battery on the spot. We assure you to provide the best quality car battery replacement service in Dubai and UAE.

  • We also offer a variety of free services, like loaner tools, battery testing and installation, check engine light testing, wiper blade installation, and more to help make life a little easier. From basic repairs, routine maintenance or large-scale projects, you need the best part, tool or accessory at an affordable price, and you need it fast.
  • I need to get my battery tested, but my car won’t start. A jump-start usually works as a temporary solution to get your vehicle running for short distances. Make sure to let your engine run for at least 10 minutes after a jump start to help recharge the battery. Use this guide to help jump start your vehicle safely.
  • Clean the battery tray by wiping it out with moist paper towels and mild detergent. NAPA AUTO PARTS stores carry anti-corrosive battery spray. Use this to prevent future corrosion. Step 6 – Place the new battery into the battery tray. Make sure the positive and negative terminals are on the correct sides, and then install the battery hold-down.

Do you know when to replace a car battery? If you’re not sure that you need a new car battery or not sure how to replace a car battery, we’re absolutely here to help you every time you might need to get back on the road.

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We’re at your service and want to be a reliable resource for you. The battery replacement service that we offer means you will have time to focus on other things while we handle your battery needs. You can trust us to install your replacement car battery the right way each and every time!

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Anyone who needs assistance with installation or replacement of their car battery, or needs help with disposing or recycling a worn out battery, is welcome to get in touch. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or would like to get started on handling your battery situation. We invite you to visit a nearby Battery Outfitters, give us a call, or fill out the form below!