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Download and install BlueStacks on your PC. Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later. Look for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love in the search bar at the top right corner. Click to install Ragnarok M: Eternal Love from the search results. Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. RBO, frenchbread, ragnarok, battle, offline, game installer, ragnarok battle offline, coop, video game, game, PC, Doujin, fan game, brawler, 2d, fighter, beat em up, multiplayer, windows, PC game. An archive of the amazing 1-3 player side-scrolling brawler developed by French Bread of Melty Blood fame. Install instructions are packed with the. Download Ragnarok Offline Installer Ragnarok is compatible with all type of Windows Versions, and it is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit users. Paranoid Android Free Download. Get Ragnarok Offline Setup now. Ezvid Offline Installer is the program that permits for performing several useful tasks for the PC users.

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Title: Ragnarok Battle Offline
Release date: 2009
Ragnarok battle offline download english
Language: English

OS: Windows® XP/Vista (only) /7
CPU: 1 GHz Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 3000
Memory: 512 MB of RAM
Graphics: 128 MB DirectX 9.0c-compliant, Shader 3.0-enabled video card
Hard Drive: 2GB free

Ragnarok Battle Offline, or RBO, is a beat ‘em up game for Microsoft Windows created by dōjin soft developer French-Bread.
The game had three expansion packs, called “Extra Scenarios”. French Bread possibly planned to have more (since there are unused map icons, such as Glast Heim and Clock Tower of Al de Baran), but no announcement has been made about another expansion pack for more than two years. (French Bread had already announced that they won’t make another expansion because they aren’t interest to make it anymore and this game is out of date)
Ragnarok Battle Offline has very little plot, although some background characters in the game “speak” through text, sometimes mimicking actual player interaction in Ragnarok Online.

Ragnarok Offline Pc

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[ PART 2 ]

[ PART 3 ]

[ PART 4 ]

[ PART 5 ]

[ PART 6 ]

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[ PART 8 ]

[ PART 9 ]

[ PART 10 ]



a lot of people is thrilled with the idea of playing as a monster as soon as PACNyx can see all resource in RBO but i noticed that a lot of people getting all confused by extension and renaming and so many headaches for changing yourself into a monster. I'm confused too because of the complexity of renaming and changing all those FOB and DAT.

How to Use

  1. Download PACNyx application.
  2. Extract all PAC in your RBO using PACNyx. (allocate around 2,5 GB hd)
for example
  1. Download RBO Monster Changer
  2. Download the Monster Compilation 006 too and extract them to you RBO Monster Changer folder
  3. make sure you click BACKUP to backup some character .FOB or .DAT
  4. Setup Screen : set the path for RBO GAME. choose the latest RBO EX Scenario if you have one.
  5. Setup Screen : set the path for PAC Extracted files in the SETUP screen (in step 6). As in this examples we choose the 'C:ProgramsPACNyx' folder according to step 2.
  6. Choose a monster in the left grid then choose the character (by default is Swordman) after that click CHANGE
  7. If you want your character back to Swordman press RESTORE

How to Play as Monsters

For this explanation, we'll try to play as the [Shinobi], a sub boss at Ex-Stage 6.
  • First, run PACNyx and browse for the monster name with 2 file extension, DAT and FOB. Extract those 2 files.
  • Now pick which character you want to replace. The choices [formatted name] are
  • In this case, we'll try to change a female [Swordman] to the Shinobi.
  • So we need to rename the SHINOBI.DAT and SHINOBI.FOB to SWORDMAN_F.DAT and SWORDMAN_F.FOB.
  • Also, create a new folder named SWORDMAN_F and put those 2 files inside.
  • Browse to your Ex3 folder, into the DATA folder. Create a new folder named CHARA. Then inside CHARA, create a new folder named PLAYER. Place the earlier SWORDMAN_F folder inside this PLAYER folder.
  • Or to put it simply, we need to put a 'fake' character DAT and FOB to the Ex3FOLDERDATACHARAPLAYERPlayerCharFolder. By doing this, the game will use the 'fake' DAT and FOB file when we select a character and we can play a monster instead. In this case, we play as Shinobi instead of a female Swordman.

Replace a Monster with Other Monster

Same way can be used to replace monsters in a stage. But the path is Ex3FOLDERDATACHARAENEMYEnemyNameFolder.
For example, if we browse the EX3DISC file using PACNyx, we can find files named KAPHA.DAT and KAPHA.FOB. If we rename the earlier SHINOBI files to KAPHA, then put the 'fake' KAPHA.DAT and KAPHA.FOB file at Ex3FOLDERDATACHARAENEMYKAPHA, every Kapha in the game will change to a Shinobi [Kapha only appears at Ex-Stage 6].


Mind you that if we do this and change the FSwordman to Shinobi, it only appears so in our PC. If we give the replay file and put it to another PC without doing the DAT/FOB hack [or remove the renamed folder in our own PC], the replay will only showing a female Swordman doing weird movement. So this is really just for fun only.
The same with replace a monster with other monster, the selected replay will only affected in your PC only..
If you can't see a file extension, open your Windows Explorer select 'Tools' at the main menu, select '

Ragnarok Offline Download

Folder Options'. Click the 'View' tab and uncheck 'Hide file extensions for known file types

Free Download Ragnarok Offline Installer


Ragnarok Battle Offline Download English

Free Ragnarok Offline Installer