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Dxtory is one of the popular game recording program for DirectX and OpenGL Applications. It can record audio from multiple sources and support third-party video codec and broadcast output. Many users complain about Dxtory recording issues. Actually, there are other better game recording software than Dxtory. If you want to find the best alternative to Dxtory, you can read this article. From here, you will get a complete introduction to Dxtory, reviews and its best alternatives.

Part 1. Introduction of Dxtory

Dxtory is the popular game recording software with excellent functions. It is used to record games. One shining point of this screen recorder is that users can record videos with high frame rate. It is used for DirectX and OpenGL Applications. The data is acquired from a surface memory buffer directly, which made the recording in high speed and work with small loads. Finally, Fraps will save your recorded video in AVI format by default.

Dxtory download is available to download and install (release June 2021) from our quality website, easy and secure. Open GL People Viewer is a gaming package that modifies users to run diverse information in controls to the 3D entertainer accelerator that that they are Welcome as many servers as you can with the pirates you're on. It is necessary to install '.NET Framework 4.0' in the execution of Dxtory. (Since it is installed from Windows 8, there is no need to install it separately).NET Framework Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 Download Site.


  • 1. Dxtory can record original pixel data with the highest quality.
  • 2. It enables users to record multiple audio sources simultaneously.
  • 3. It supports third-party VFW codec, and users can choose the favorite one.
  • 4. Screenshots can be saved to BMP, TGA, JPEG or PNG format.
  • 5. It allows you to record sounds in separate streams.


  • 1. There are some limitations in the free trial version.
  • 2. The interface is complicated and hard for new users.
  • 3. Dxtory can cause game crash while launching or playing game.

Part 2. Top 3 Dxtory Alternative to Record Video

1. Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder

Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder is the best Dxtory alternative to record video and audio. It lets you capture gameplay, TV shows, online movies, conference, training tutorials, etc. Besides, it offers a wide range of capturing modes like Video Recorder, Audio Recorder and Screen Capture. This Dxtory alternative enables you to record audio from computer browsers or your own narration.

How To Download And Install Dxtory For Free

Main features of best Dxtory alternative:

  • 1. Record gameplay, streaming video, music, video calls, conference.
  • 2. Customize the recording area and select audio source freely.
  • 3. Add texts, lines, arrows, shapes, take screenshots, etc. in real time.
  • 4. Take a freehand screenshot and edit the screenshot easily.
Step 1

Free download, install Dxtory alternative on your computer. Launch this program and select Video Recorder.

Click Custom to select the recording area to fit your recording. Toggle on System Sound or Microphone to to record screen with or without audio.

Step 3

After all settings are made, play the online movie or TV show you want to record, and click the REC button to start recording your computer screen.

Click the Stop button to stop the recording, and you can preview the recording in the preview window. If it is okay, click Save button to save the recording on your computer.

If you don’t want to download the software package, you can choose an online screen recorder instead. Blu-ray Master Free Online Screen Recorder can help you record streaming videos, gameplay, online tutorials, meetings, online music and more.

2. Fraps - Dxtory Alternative for Windows

Fraps is a universal screen recorder similar to Dxtory, which can be used with games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology. The Frames Per Second (FPS) will be shown in the corner of your screen. As a real-time video capture software, it lets you capture video and audio up to 7680*4800 with custom frame rates per second.


  • 1. You can customize the frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second.
  • 2. Capture computer screen video with internal or external audio.
  • 3. Save the screenshot in JPG, PNG, BMP and TGA format. (How to crop a screenshot?)
  • 4. The frametimes bechmark feature is reliable.


  • 1. In the free trial version, you can only record video for 30 seconds.
  • 2. The output video recording file usually stays in large size.

3. OBS - Open Source Dxtory Alternative

OBS is a free and open source Dxtory alternative for Windows, Mac and Linux. With OBS screen recorder, you can capture gameplay, create screencast and edit the videos with ease. What’s more, OBS endows various features and advanced settings for streaming videos. It makes it easy to broadcast your gameplay to YouTube, DailyMotion or Twitch.


  • 1. You can save the recorded video in MP4 or FLV format.
  • 2. There are lots of plugins for users to add custom functionality.
  • 3. This Dxtory alternative provides lots of scenes and sources for recording.


  • 1. The interface is not intuitive for beginners to use.
  • 2. The Windows XP OS is not supported.

Part 3. FAQs of Best Dxtory Free Alternative

Dxtory free license

1. Does Windows 10 have video capture?

Yes. Xbox Game Bar is built into Windows 10. You can capture gameplay or create a tutorial using this video capture tool.

2. How do I limit FPS in Dxtory?

To limit FPS in Dxtory, you can go to Advanced tab, and tick Limit Video FPS checkbox. You can also set other advanced settings like Data Processing Option, Hook Option, Processing Threads and more.

3. How to crop recording area in Dxtory?

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Go to the Movie tab in Dxtory, find and adjust the width and height of Clip Size. You can also adjust the top, left, right or bottom margins to set the recording area.


Dxtory crashes at times. To avoid this happen again, we have recommended you the top 3 Dxtory alternatives above in this article. Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder, as the best alternative to Dxtory, provides multiple choices for users to record gameplay and other online videos with ease. You can share your comment below, and thanks for your reading.

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