How To Install Rosetta Stone Free


Rosetta Stone is an application that allows you to learn by increasing your abilities and allowing you to speak with confidence in any context. To help you succeed, the application has a variety of speech-oriented lessons and features. For example, its TruAccent tool improves your pronunciation experience. It boosts users' ability to speak with. Rosetta Stone is a language software designed to help promote learning through images, audio and your own dialog. Typically one segment of the program costs a few hundred dollars, which is rather pricey. If you don't want to pay for the software, or at least want to try out the programming before you buy it.

MCPL is pleased to connect customers MCPL services and resources on their mobile device using a variety of apps!

Access My Library from Gale

Read articles from magazines, journals, and reference e-books.
iOS Android


Read current and back issues of your favorite magazines. Open the desired magazine through the E-Magazines page and then look for 'Open in the App' in the magazine menu.
iOS Android Android for Kindle


With hoopla, borrow movies, music, audiobooks, ebooks, comics and TV shows to enjoy on your computer, tablet, or phone. With no waiting, titles can be streamed immediately, or downloaded to phones or tablets for offline enjoyment later.
iOS Android


The Libby app is a new option for e-books and audiobooks from OverDrive. You can choose between this app and the traditional OverDrive app. Libby’s user interface supports 10 languages. Note: The default setting for Libby is to download all checked out materials. This can be adjusted in Download Settings. Libby does not currently support all accessibility features.
iOS Android Windows 10+


Learn a language on the go. Set up a user profile on MCPL's Mango before installing.
iOS Android Android for Kindle

Muzzy Languages

The Muzzy BBC app is used to access Muzzy, our language learning database for children.
iOS Android


Read and download e-books and audiobooks. OverDrive has introduced a new app, Libby, which is an alternative platform for accessing their e-book and audiobook content. You can choose between this app and the new Libby app.
iOS Android Android for Kindle Windows 8 & 10


Watch self-paced video lessons for instruments. Set up a user account before using the app.
iOS Android Android for Kindle

Rosetta Stone

Mobile users need to:
  1. Enter Rosetta Stone through the language learning webpage. iOS users must use Safari web browser.
  2. Set up or sign into your account.
  3. Click on Launch Rosetta Stone Language Lessons Version 3.
  4. If you have not downloaded the Rosetta Stone app on your device you will be prompted to download it. If you have already downloaded it, you will be asked if you want to open in the app.
  5. When the app starts, it will launch the lessons for the language you selected.

Need help setting up the app? This is the help page explaining the entire process and this is our portal URL: You may also need our namespace, which is: s9108768.

iOS Android Android for Kindle

Yes, but with one small catch. You have to put in the work.

You’ll get help from our tried-and-true Dynamic Immersion® technology and a suite of tools designed to get you off the app and thriving in real life. The rest is up to you.

I leave for my trip in two weeks. Is it too late to start using Rosetta Stone?

Not at all! In general, a slow and steady approach to learning beats cramming, but the most important thing is to start.

Here’s what we recommend:

Install Rosetta Stone Cd

  • First, check out Phrasebook, available with our most popular languages. Use it to access essential phrases and words and get instant feedback on your accent. We know you’ll nail it!
  • Next, download a few units so you can knock them out on the plane. Scared of disturbing a sleeping seatmate? You can temporarily turn off the speaking component.
  • Trying the language out in the real world is just as important as trying it out on the app. So be bold! Make friends. Ask to jump in.
  • Finally, have fun!

Rosetta Stone Unlimited members get full access to all our languages. You can find out how to sign up here.

Why should I get Rosetta Stone when there are other, free alternatives?

If you made it to our FAQ page, chances are you already tried free, quick and easy.

With us, you’ll get useful content that’s crafted by linguists instead of crowd-sourced. You’ll get an immersive experience that mimics real life, instead of flashcards. And by pushing yourself during the lessons themselves, you’ll get to breathe easy when it comes to actual conversations.

How much will I need to know in advance? Is there a placement test?

Join at any level. The first time you open the app, you’ll get a chance to choose a plan based on your experience and what you hope to get out of learning.

Your progress syncs automatically across devices. All you need to do is sign in and you can pick up wherever you left off.

In addition to useful content and an immersive experience, you’ll also get a suite of tools developed to help you succeed in the real world.

  • Our “Lifetime” subscription product means you can access the Rosetta Stone language product and services that you purchased, for as long as they’re available and supported by us. Read our Terms & Conditions for details.
  • We’ll make sure you’ll know which products are marked as “Lifetime” before you check out.
  • Each license is for one person and cannot be transferred.
  • Questions? Customer support is always here for you.
  • Contact [email protected] or 1-800-ROSETTA.

What is Seek & Speak®️ and why is it asking me to find a fruit?

Seek & Speak®️ is a scavenger hunt powered by augmented reality. When you feel like you’ve been sitting down for too long, open it up and choose a challenge. It will send you on a hunt for something like fruit or tech devices. You snap a pic, it delivers a translation and together you start building a conversation.

Once you open a Unit, you should see an option to “use offline” in the lower right-hand corner. Give that a tap, and you’ll have access anywhere, whether it’s a long flight or that part of your house that never seems to get service.

I’d like to practice with a real person. How do I sign up for tutoring?

Once you’ve logged enough lessons, you’ll get a prompt to schedule a tutoring session. The first session is free. After that, they cost either $14 or $19 per session. No need to do anything special to prepare, just participate. This is currently available on desktop only.

We recommend five days a week, 30 minutes a day as part of our guided course.

But you can go at whatever pace you’d like.

What if I’m really bad at it? Like bowling. I’m terrible at bowling.

You might be! At first. Learning a new language is a skill, so it’s something you grow over time. We’ll be coaching you throughout the process with a personalized game plan, nuanced feedback on your accent, and even live tutoring.

And if you are a little bad at first? So what! Small mistakes are just good stories waiting to happen.

How To Install Rosetta Stone Free

Will I be charged after the trial is up? How much?

If you shared credit card information before starting your free trial, at the end of your trial, your credit card will be automatically charged for a 12-month subscription at MSRP.

Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of your subscription period, and you can opt-out of auto-renewal at any time. Purchase terms of the respective app store apply to mobile app subscriptions.

I didn't get a chance to use my free trial. Can I extend it?

Give our help center a call, and we’ll see what we can do.

1 (800) 767-3882

Will I get a discount on my purchase after this trial?

If you have auto-renew on, then you’re good to go! If you aren’t, you can find our current offers here.

You can find the MSRP for each subscription and current offers here.

You can either pay the full cost up front, or pay over time with our 3-pay and 5-pay options available for certain subscriptions. Pricing and payment options vary for mobile app purchases.

You can cancel your subscription within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or cancel before your subscription auto-renews.

Love Rosetta Stone, just don’t have enough time to learn? You can always upgrade to our Lifetime Subscription, which offers the freedom to start and stop as often as you need.

Rosetta Stone Unlimited members get full access to all our languages. You can find out how to sign up here.

Our Easy Payment plans allow you to break down the cost of the product into as many as three smaller payments, rather than paying the total cost of the product at once. The plan is eligible when you purchase a product that is $99 or more.

The first payment (including any applicable shipping and tax on the total purchase price) will be charged at the time your order is placed. Thereafter, your account will be charged the appropriate amount every month until you have reached the end of the payment plan. Our Easy Payment plan offers 0% APR and no interest charged from Rosetta Stone. You can select the Easy Payment plan option at the time of purchase.

By enrolling in automatic renewal, you authorize Rosetta Stone to automatically renew your online product subscription for additional subscription terms of the same length as the initial term purchased.

Upon expiration of the initial term of your subscription, Rosetta Stone will charge your credit card account for the full price in effect at the time of renewal (plus applicable taxes). Discounts and promotions applied to the purchase of your initial subscription term or advertised by Rosetta Stone at the time of renewal are not applicable to automatic renewal purchases.

Contact Customer Service at to cancel automatic renewal and stop additional charges from being made to your account at any time. Cancel within 30 days of automatic renewal to receive a refund of your renewal term purchase. Group Tutoring sessions will not automatically renew for additional periods and cannot be 'rolled over.'

I didn't mean to automatically enroll for a new subscription. Help!

You can unsubscribe at any time.

To disable the automatic renewal of your online subscription, simply follow these steps.

  • Log in to your Rosetta Stone program.
  • On the top toolbar, click on your name, and select 'My Account'.
  • The Summary tab will appear. This is where you will opt out of the auto-renewal feature. To do so, simply click 'Cancel Subscription'. Once completed, your subscription will not renew after the expiration date.'

If you are on desktop:

  • Go to
  • Type in your email address and new password
  • Press set up
  • You will get a prompt to connect with your laptop or computer’s microphone
  • After that, you’re free to to explore

If you are on mobile:

  • Search for Rosetta Stone on the Apple AppStore or Google Play store
  • Tap Rosetta Stone
  • Tap Install to download the app
  • Follow the sign-in prompt

Redeem it here:

Go to and click the 'forgot password' link

My app is taking forever to open. What’s the deal?

Try closing out a few of your tabs, including Rosetta Stone. If that doesn’t work, you may want to restart your phone. And if that doesn’t work, you can contact customer support by emailing [email protected]

Of course! Just click on the lesson you want to start and hop to it. You can always go back if you need to.

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap the “Learn” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the Unit you’d like to download.
  4. In the lower right hand corner, you’ll see “use offline”. Tap on that and the prompt to “download”.
  5. Your lessons should be downloaded and ready to use offline in as little as five seconds.

In addition to lessons, you can also download features such as Phrasebook. After a month, they’ll undownload (is that a word? Yes, it is!) to free up storage on your phone.

First, make sure you are in a quiet place. If that isn’t possible, you can always temporarily disable speech by pausing your lesson and tap the “disable” button next to the microphone.

From there:

  • Navigate to the menu
  • Open Settings
  • Open Speech Settings
  • Confirm:
    • Speech Recognition is ON (marked blue)
    • Speech Recognition Sensitivity is set to your comfort level
    • Voice Type is selected properly (Male/Female/Child)

We’ll automatically save your progress as you go, even if you switch devices.

Two options. You can either head to our Support Pages where we offer far more comprehensive technical support or you can reach customer support at [email protected] And if you see a chat portal at the bottom of your screen, then you can also hit up one of our specialists right now. So, three options!