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An updated list of the best free mobile games in 2021!

Updated: June 21st, 2021

When it comes to mobile games they come in all shapes and sizes. There are premium games, subscription-based games, episodic games and free games. This list compiles the best free mobile games that you can play on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone - and we've done our best to keep it right up to date.

We've everything from radical roguelikes to radish platformers, and we stop off at plenty of places inbetween, but the most important thing is that all of these are high-quality games that are totally free to download on your phone or tablet right now.

How did this list of the best free mobile games come to be?

We originally started this list because a mass of developers came forward, offering up their normally-premium games for free as a result of the increased isolation of society due to Covid-19. But, let's face it, working from home isn't exactly a trend we are going to see going away. Over time, however, the list has evolved into a selection of the finest free mobile games, be that free to start, free to play, or just plain free. We've deliberately tip-toed around some of the bigger names which you already know, to bring you this carefully curated list of fantastic free mobile games.The best 6 games to play with friends while social-distancing

So, what we'll do here is compile and regularly update a list of the best free mobile games - including discounted premium games and free-to-play games - which you can grab right now for your iPhone or Android device.

As with everything, some of these discounts are limited time or change rapidly, we'll do our best to keep the post updated - but if we do miss anything then do feel free to reach out to us and let us know in the comments below.

But for now, click on through the big button below to start finding out the current best free mobile games to play on your iPhone or Android device.

Genshin Impact

Publisher: miHoYo
Genre: 3D, Action, Adventure

Possibly one of the most hyped free mobile games of recent years, Genshin Impact - known for its sweeping green landscapes reminiscent of Zelda Breath of The Wind - has definitely earned its place in this list. Within days of launch, there are floods of people praising its clever use of gatcha as much as they are praising its vast worlds, and frankly, it sounds well worth the effort of a quick, free download.

Cookie Run: Kingdom

Available on: iOS + Android
Find out more about Cookie Run: Kingdom

RPG-combat meetings town-builder in Devsisters' most recent entry into the Cookie Run series. Not only that, but they've managed to softly layer gacha mechanics and a baked-goods twist on the classic good-vs-evil plotline into the mix, and it all cooks out wonderfully.

Available for both App Store and Google Play, the RPG had over a million pre-registrations in its first week and has only gone from strength to strength since its release.

Pokemon GO

Publisher: The Pokemon Company
Genre: Action

It's hard to have any sort of a list of best free mobile games without tilting the torch toward location-based game Pokemon Go. It took the world by storm when it first launched in 2016, and has only gone from strength to strength since. It now features weekly and monthly events, as well as the raid and battle systems which ensures that you've always got something to do. It also managed to survive national lockdowns through quick work from the development team. Phew.

Super Fowlst 2

Available on: iOS + Android
Find out more about Super Fowlst 2

Super Fowlst 2 is a delightful, easy to pick up platformer where you tap the left and right-hand sides of the screen to bounce a chicken around the levels. It's definitely got a pinball vibe going and it's bright, cheerful aesthetic certainly makes the experience feel much more wholesome.

Dungeon Faster

Publisher: Old Oak Den
Genre: Adventure, Card/board game, Casual, Hardcore

Dungeon Faster is an excellent rogue-like deck-builder that was nominated by our readers as one of the best games to release in 2019. It's been updated since it was held in such high esteem, adding an Arena Mode that allows players to battle it out for leaderboard supremacy.


Publisher: NetEase Games
Genre: Multiplayer, Shooter

NetEase seem to be going from strength to strength when it comes to their games of late, with console-quality titles like LifeAfter and Eve: Echoes recently joining their roster. But, it's really Badlanders which sticks out for us. It's an almost perfectly designed loot-gathering battle royale that delivers a strong military theme while juggling tense inventory management and deadly battlefield sprinting to keep the whole match captivating and compelling.

We're really excited to see what Badlanders evolves into over the years, hopefully - much like LifeAfter - it's a game that will twist and change into something unique and memorable.

Words for a bird

Available on: iOS + Android
Find out more about Words for a Bird

Words for a bird is the latest micro-puzzle game out from puzzle-powerhouse Bart Bonte. While it's certainly not got the colour theming of his most recent issuing, it's visual punning is exceptional and - by golly - the art style is memorable and... well, lovely.


Available on: iOS + Android
Find out more about Gogogo!

Gogogo! is a fantastic local-multiplayer mobile game which wins its place in our list due to a caveat. 20 of the games included in it are completely free, and they're great - each is a microgame like you might find in a Warioware game, albeit expanded for four players and made competitive.

That said, you can watch a single advert to unlock an extra game for two days, or pay for additional content. But with the 20 starting games these extra ones really feel more like DLC or expansions than content behind a paywall.

Democratic Socialism Simulator

Genre: Simulation
Find out more about Democratic Socialism Simulator
Install Free Games For Mobile

If you're into political games Democratic Socialism Simulator might be for you. It sees you taking on the role of the first socialist president of the United States. You'll have to manage taxes, tackle issues without upsetting voters and be aware that your allies may turn on you. Please note, this is only free on iOS.

Dadish 2

Genre: Platform

Dadish 2 sees the return of everyone's favourite radish father. This time around his children have decided to participate in an impromptu 'bring your kids to work day'. Of course, this scheme doesn't exist in Dadish's office and it's just his sassy offspring causing trouble. Once again, our wear hero must set off to find them all, platforming his way through a fresh set of dangers.

Spooky Squashers

Genre: Arcade, Sports

Easily one of the best Halloween games of recent years, and one of the most memorable games to experiment with Squash, Spooky Squashers is an arcade game with a sporty feel to it. It's definitely one that we're going to be playing for a while, it's rare to find a game with such an interesting twist on a familiar sport and genre.

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Rumble Stars

Available on: iOS + Android
Find out more about Rumble Stars

When it comes to talking about some of Pocket Gamer's favourite free mobile games, it would be a massive mistake to leave out Frogmind's Rumble Stars. It's a perfect fusion of strategy mana systems and pick-up-and-play sports gaming, and all the while it's bright, colourful and so engaging that we keep playing even though we've already got four chests waiting to unlock.

Among Us

Publisher: InnerSloth
Genre: Multiplayer, Strategy

Innersloth's now iconic title Among Us was about to become a footnote in the company's history after three years of middling performance when, with the announcement of a sequel, interest in the first title suddenly surged. While the PC version of the game costs, albeit a rather affordable 3.99, the mobile version is completely free to play.

For those of you who don't know about how the game works, much like Mafia/Werewolf or many Space Station 13 modes, there are a bunch of human players placed in a situation who must work together to identify the imposter among them. Among Us is lauded due to its accessibility and ease of play, but for us, it's the mini-game tasks which really make it stand out from the competition - that and the silly execution animations.

Rainmaker - The Beautiful Flood

Available on: iOS + Android
Find out more about Rainmaker - The Beautiful Flood

Rainmaker - The Beautiful Flood is a minimalistic puzzler game that's incredibly pretty. Each level will see you guide a bubble to a door and it won't do much in the way of hand-holding either. Whenever new elements are introduced you'll need to work out how best to use them

Night of the Full Moon

Genre: Card battler

Night of the Full Moon is an excellent card battler in the same mould as Slay the Spire. If you're still waiting on that to come out this makes for an excellent alternative, though you will have to pay for some additional character classes.


Genre: Adult, RPG

Monolisk is a beautiful-looking action-RPG where players can create their own levels for others to try and beat. It was recently updated to introduce a whole range of new cards for inventing your own stages. It's also had a host of UI improvements that makes finding the best levels much easier.

Retro Bowl

Publisher: New Star Games
Genre: Sports

Retro Bowl is an excellent retro-inspired American Football game. You'll only need to take control of the offence and it's so satisfying when you aim a pass perfectly or successfully dodge your way through a pack of opposition defenders. Another nice touch, if you don't enter your own name it gives you a cool randomly generated one instead, I got Marshal Cannon.

Battle Legion

Available on: iOS + Android
Find out more about Battle Legion

Auto-battlers and PvP experiences are hardly something new, but Battle Legion combines style, charm and strategy in fairly fresh feeling way. Due to the importance of fine-placement, unit levels, runes and more it makes it a hard game to look away from - there's a massive, simulation-style pull to micromanage, tweak and refine in order to find the perfect strategy for your current units.

Samsara Room

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Samsara Room for mobile is a remastering of one of Rusty Lake's first escape room games. The original is still available on Newgrounds - whilst Flash Player still clings on - but this updated edition includes new puzzles and story to discover.

Shadow Frog

Genre: Action, Platform

Shadow Frog is a delightful auto-runner platformer where you'll be constantly pursued throughout each level by a shadow of yourself that will imitate your previous moves. So not only are your timing and platforming skills being tested but you'll also need a good memory so you can accurately predict the shadow's next move.

Tales of Crestoria

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

We've definitely seen a lot of hero-collecting RPGs over the years, and it hasn't really been a genre where we've seen much innovation. Tales of Crestoria will likely be the start of a shift in that as it plans on bringing classic Tales of storytelling and world-building into a genre which normally, doesn't really do much in that area.

As it's free to download on both iOS and Android, there's also no reason to not dive into it and give it a quick shot - let us know what you think below.


Genre: Puzzle

Tvinnr is an interesting take on the merging genre where you'll gain additional points for combining two tokens instead of the usual shtick where they become something larger. It's a very laid back approach to this kind of game so it's perfect for those spare moments where you just want to zone out a little.


Genre: Adventure

Amethlion is a retro-inspired, open-world RPG where you can spend hours exploring, crafting and battling various foes. Dungeons are randomly generated so if you end up enjoying the core combat it should hopefully keep you entertained for a good amount of time. The Android version is currently not free, however.

Pako Caravan

Available on: iOS + Android
Find out more about Pako Caravan

The next entry in the Pako series is here, and it's a little bit different than its predecessors, although... interestingly, it actually takes us back to the days of the earliest mobile games. Pako Caravan merges up Pako's funky, brightly-coloured drifting with the simple mechanics of Snake. You'll snake around cheerful, busy maps, creating convoys (or, some might say, caravans) of vehicles as you try to create as long a chain as possible.

Pako Caravan is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

The Everlasting Regret

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

The Everlasting Regret is a beautiful casual puzzler that's been made by five graduates at Tencent. It's centered around the Chinese poem Song of Everlasting Regret and boasts a gorgeous visual style that matches the relaxed gameplay loop.


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For many, Counter Strike in team-play mode is one of the top action games for taking out the terrorists and launching missions against the enemy in a 3D environment. Despite being around for quite some time it is still the first-person shoot-‘em-up of choice. There are many adrenaline inducing games available to download, like Pro Flight Simulator which, allows players to take to the skies and navigate their aircraft through a three-dimensional airspace. Or maybe it’s more preferable to play driving games like Super Police Racing to get a thrilling gaming experience.

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For a gaming experience set in a virtual environment, Zoo Tycoon will permit players to construct, populate and manage their own zoo from the ground up. Tasks and scenarios are dropped into the game by virtual “park managers” to challenge players, and players must attend to animals while balancing budgets. Less demanding, perhaps, but equally entertaining is the free games download 12-Ants, which will allow you to direct the ants to attack the cursor on your homepage.

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