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How to Install GoDaddy SSL Certificate in WordPress Website on GoDaddy Hosting Step by Step in easy and simple method. In this article you will know two method Installations Direct SSL Activation method and manual Installation process from cPanel of hosted Company.

  1. To install an SSL certificate on WordPress, you need to take the steps we have listed here. The steps are fairly easy to follow. But if you are having trouble installing the certificate, you can ask your hosting provider for help. How to install SSL certificate in a WordPress GoDaddy site? To install an SSL certificate on your WordPress.
  2. Hover to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘General.’. Change the WordPress Address and the Site Address and use ‘HTTPS’ instead of ‘HTTP’ in the beginning. After completing the above steps, your website has become an HTTPS website with an SSL certificate installed on it.

How to install a free SSL certificate with ZeroSSL. Free SSL certificate can be easily installed on GoDaddy via ZeroSSL. The process is simple, just follow this step by step guide. Step 1: Choose a domain where you want to install the free SSL certificate. Type in your domain like shown on the picture below.

GoDaddy SSL Certificate

There is many type of company available who provides SSL certificate for Domain Name System or website. Every SSL Provider company has different “privacy & policy” and rate for SSL certificate. But GoDaddy is best SSL Certificate and Hosting providing company according to me and my experience. GoDaddy gives every-Time Support for their customers

Install GoDaddy SSL Certificate

In this article you will be learn how to set-up SSL certificate in WordPress website step by step in simple and easy way or method. Installation process of GoDaddy SSL certificate is very simple.

This is not hard to install SSL certificate in your website but You have to install SSL very carefully otherwise Your website will not work properly.

Method of of Installation of GoDaddy SSL Certificate.

The Installation method of GoDaddy SSL certificate is more than two. You can install SSL or Setup SSL from any method which is easy for you. Let’s see

1- Direct method for SSL Certificate Setup

Direct method of installation is only for WordPress user. For direct setting of SSL certificate you have to Generate first “CSR” of your Domain.

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How to Generate CSR in WordPress website


Just follow these step to generate CSR in WordPress of domain. It is very easy to generate CSR of website.

  • First log in in cPanel of your website account.
  • then go for SSL/TLS
  • Now you have to click on ” Certificate Signing Requests (CSR)” Generate, view, or Delete Certificate Signing Requests.
  • Fill the following details of that page of cPanel.
  • Next fill the personal details.
  • After form filling click on Generate.
  • some second of procced you will get the Encoded Certificate signing Request code
  • Copy your Certificate Signing Request code,
  • And now go to SSL Setup area.
  • Click on Stander SSL Set up option.
  • Paste here CSR of your domain website into Input CSR area.

Then click on activate SSL or Code to direct install SSL certificate into your website for https. ( Activate option will be on right hand side)

2 Manual Installation of GoDaddy SSL Certificate in WordPress website

In manual installation of GoDaddy SSL Certificate you have to give permission for your website to redirect into https by using cPanel.

After Generate and Paste CSR of domain you have to give permission to redirect to show your website in https is easy to access your website.

Free Ssl Wordpress Godaddy

  1. Download Your Install GoDaddy SSL Certificate from Stander SSL Set up area after paste CSR of domain.
  2. Again go to SSL/TLS
  3. Then go for Certificates (CRT) { Generate , views, upload or delete SSL Certificate}
  4. Upload here downloaded SSL Certificate from Browser.
  5. then click for Install GoDaddy SSL Certificate

Do one more final work to show your website into htpp to https

  • Go to cPanel -) File manager -) Public html -) .htaccess
  • open .htaccess file and click on edit option.
  • copy following code and Paste into .htaccess file to redirect your cPanel website for https by changing ( Replace ) domain name.
  • Replace the domain name beside following example domain domain
  • Don’t edit any more code and save it.

Godaddy Free Ssl Letsencrypt

It was final step of manual installation of GoDaddy SSL Certificate. Now website is ready to show into https before domain name in any search engine or browser.