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Verizon 5G Home Internet, meanwhile, is a fixed wireless access service (FWA) powered by 5G Ultra Wideband that provides ultra-fast Wi-Fi connections to the home. And switching to 5G Home is easy. Customers can choose either self-setup or professional installation.

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We're here to help.

Geek Squad® Agents are your technology experts, ready to help with any issues you can throw at us.

You can bring your tech to us, or we’ll come to you to install and repair products in your home. Schedule an in-home appointment or in-store visit today.

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Total Tech Support

Meet Total Tech Support, a membership dedicated to supporting all the tech in your home – no matter where you bought it.

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Free In-Home Consultation

Thinking about adding new tech or appliances? Our In-Home Advisor can visit your home, show you what’s possible, and create a customized plan.

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Geek Squad Saginaw has you covered.

Cell Phone Services

We’ll fix your phone no matter where you bought it. Cracked screens, display issues, power issues and more.

We offer same-day Apple repair in many locations.See Disclaimer 1 Reservation required. iPhone screen replacement starts at $129.

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Computer & Tablet Services

We’ll set up, protect and repair your computer or tablet. Wi-Fi setup, virus removal, data recovery and more. New device setup starting only $39.99.

TV & Home Theater Services

We’ll set up your TV, mount it, connect it to your devices, and connect it all to your Wi-Fi network. TV Mounting starting at $129.99. We also offer TV repair.

Smart Home Services

We’ll help bring your smart home to life. We install smart doorbells, locks, cameras, lighting, thermostats and more. Services starting at $99.99.

Appliance Services

Our appliance experts will repair your large or small appliance – no matter where you bought it. Basic installation FREE in most areas with appliance delivery.

Portable Audio Services

We’ll get your new iPod or MP3 player up and running. We can also install an MP3 player interface in your vehicle.

Car Electronics Installation

Our pros take the hassle out of installing your new car electronics. You’ll know it’s done right. Installation services starting at $19.99.

Video Game Services

We offer expert repair of gaming consoles – plus home Wi-Fi and device setup. We can also transfer files from your old gaming system.

Camera & Camcorder Services

We offer expert repair for your camera, lenses and camcorder. We can even recover photos and videos you thought were lost.

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About Geek Squad

Geek Squad offers an unmatched level of tech and appliance support, with Agents ready to help you online, on the phone, in your home, and at Best Buy stores. We have Agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Geek Squad provides repair, installation and setup services on all kinds of products – including computers and tablets, appliances, TV and home theater, car electronics, marine electronics, cell phones, cameras and camcorders, portable audio, smart home and video game products.
Need your TV mounted? Appliance repaired? Car electronics installed? Cell phone repaired? Geek Squad is here for you, no matter where you bought your product.

We're happy to offer you advice.

Check these Geek Squad tech tips that help you set up, use and troubleshoot computers, cell phones, smart home devices and more. Or check out our Geek Squad Intelligence blog for expert articles, helpful forums, frequently asked questions and more.

We'll help protect your products.

Geek Squad Protection ensures your tech stays working like new beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Have questions about your tech?

Schedule an in-store consultation with a Geek Squad Agent at your nearest Best Buy store. We’ll discuss any questions or concerns you have about your product. We can help you get more out of your tech, electronics and appliances. We can also help you discover inspiring new technology, and keep you up-to-date on the latest tech innovations.

Internet Service Saginaw Mi Free Installation
Are you ready to watch TV without monthly rate increases and equipment rental fees? CUT THE PAY TV BILL HOW IT WORKS Are you tired of having to go outside to use your cell phone? GET CONNECTED CELL BOOSTERS No Signal? Local News Sports Weather LOSE THE PAY TV BILL GAIN OPTIONS


We are a family owned business serving families in mid-Michigan. We offer a range of services, whether you’re looking for a small tweak or complete new system, we have you covered.

• Antenna Installation

• Cell Boosters

• Wireless Network Extension

• Tower Installation


Get your local digital channels with digital antenna installation and don’t pay for cable again!

Get Local News & Sports Channels.

Stop paying monthly cable bills.

Mount options available for all types of buildings.

For Home and for Business.


Increase indoor signal for your cell phone, smart phone, tablet, and data card with a cell phone booster.

Reduce dropped calls and boost data speeds

Boost cell phone signal in buildings and homes.

Supports most cell phones and tablets.

For Home and for Business.


Don’t get stuck paying for more than one internet modem. Extend your network and get anywhere in your building or property.

Boost your signal across your property.

Get a signal on any floor in your office building.

Don’t be tied down to a weak signal.

For Home and for Business.


Have something else you need installed? The Antenna Men also offer professional tower or rooftop installation.

Tower Installation, Maintenance & Removal.

Professional Certified Installation Services.

Mount options available for all types of buildings.

For Home and for Business.


Starlink is ideally suited for areas of the globe where connectivity has typically been a challenge. Unbounded by traditional ground infrastructure, Starlink can deliver high-speed broadband internet to locations where access has been unreliable or completely unavailable.

Ideal for rural + remote communities.

Low latency = video calls & online gaming.

Easy to set up.

High-speed, broadband internet.


Had a cell booster installed in my car and now I get full bars everywhere I go. I went from dropping calls driving to never worrying about it now. Thank you Mike Heinze and cell signal pros!!
Great company, very knowledgeable about everything to do with antenas & cell boosters. Had a cell booster installed & antenna. Went from no bars in a trailer with a second roof over it to full bars. Very appreciative of their services. Very professional, prompt service. I would recommend them to everyone.
Was expecting them to find multiple things wrong and the hard up-sell on new equipment. They arrived on time, made the needed adjustments and we now have great reception and more channels.
I wish I could hire THE ANTENNA MEN for all my home services. What does the typical customer want when they hire a company to perform a service? Well, if I were king, I would demand the company be experts in their field, friendly and flexible, offer free advice based on “bang for your buck” not how much they can sell you, workers that respect your property and clean up after themselves, prompt responses to phone calls, emails and texts, a fair price and a prideful family-owned and operated busin…Read more

Internet Service Saginaw Mi Free Installation Code

They do an excellent job! They put a booster in Potterville high school gym, before you weren’t able to get even 1 bar of signal! Now I have full bars of service, no more worrying if I’ll miss an important text or call while in the gym.
About a year after my initial installation, I started experiencing signal loss and channels dropping out. So I called The Antenna Men out for a tune up. After a few diagnostic readings, it was determined that I had a defective part. Lance (tech) replaced the part under warranty, rescanned all my TV’s and I now get 40 channels here in Eaton Rapids. Great guys. Great service. Thanks Antenna Men for your great customer service! Highly recommended.
Several years ago they installed a cellular booster for my mother, so her cell phone would work reliably in her home.This allowed her to stop her AT&T service saving her $90mo, over $1000yr!

Internet Service Saginaw Mi Free Installation Program

IF you want the job done right, this is the company to choose! They have had the training and use only the best product available! No job is too small!

Flint Mi

I was living in a home that had no cell signal most of the time inside the home. I am a full time wheelchair user and needed good service inside. If I was really lucky I would get one bar. Cell Signal Pro Mike installed a booster and no more dropped calls with consistent 3 bars or more. Mike has decades of experience with communication and antenna experience. He is fast, professional and I knew he could get me signal. I couldn’t ask for better results. I recommend Cell Signal Pros and would go…Read more

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