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Microsoft Silverlight is a must-have browser plug-in developed to improve functionality of web sites such as Netflix. It is powered by the .NET Framework, bringing some of its functionality to online services.

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Microsoft has realized it and they have launched their own and similar concept, it's called Silverlight and you may know it if you surf microsoft websites. If you usually use Firefox, when you arrive in a website with silverlight content, you can install de plugin, but it doesn't work, that's why you need to doownload and install this plugin we.

The application is compatible with several browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It can be necessary to Silverlight installed to run some streaming services as it enables DRM content to be played.

Microsoft Silverlight features IIS Smooth Streaming, technology which helps high definition streaming playback on virtually any type of devices. The PivotViewer feature allows users to view and manipulate large amounts of data.

Other features of Microsoft Silverlight include Pixel Shader which improves and enhances graphics with blurs, dropshadows and other effects, 3D Graphics support and a number of other skinning and styling for display of high quality graphics.

All in all, Microsoft Silverlight is an excellent framework for web services and definitely a requirement to have in order to enjoy a variety of online services.

Features and highlights

  • IIS Smooth Streaming
  • PivotViwer
  • SketchFlow
  • Media Format Extensibility
  • Perspective 3D graphics
  • Skinning and styling options available
  • Smooth media player

Install Microsoft Silverlight Free Download

Install microsoft silverlight free download

Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.50918.0 on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs

This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from media players without restrictions. Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.50918.0 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows.

Install Microsoft Silverlight Free

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Silverlight is Microsoft's web extension, like Flash or HTML5. It's completely safe. You can learn more about it here.

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Also question is, do I really need Microsoft Silverlight?

Silverlight hardly uses much disk space. Its not a requirement to have it installed, but as noted, some web pages utilize it for streaming multimedia content. I believe the last Olympics which MSNBC had exclusive rights to stream on the web, required Silverlight.

One may also ask, is it OK to uninstall Microsoft Silverlight? Silverlight is only officially supported in Internet Explorer, which most people shouldn't use anyway. You won't lose anything by uninstalling Silverlight.

Consequently, is Microsoft Silverlight a virus?

Silverlight is a Microsoft product that allows you to view video on certain websites much like Adobe Flash Player is required to watch most video online. It is not a virus but the notification you are receiving may indicate you have or had a infection of some sort that corrupted it.

Do I need Microsoft Silverlight 2019?

Latest Version Of Microsoft Silverlight

Its not a requirement to have it installed, but, some web pages utilize it for streaming multimedia content. Silverlight is Microsoft's competitive answer to Adobe's Flash, the long-standing dominant standard for multimedia Web applications.