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Visual Studio is extensible by nature, ultimately consisting of a core 'shell' that implements all commands ...

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Power Packs are free Add-Ins, Controls, Components, and Tools for you to use with Visual Basic to make developing great applications even easier.


VBRun60sp6.exe is a self-extracting executable file that installs the latest versions of the Microsoft Visual Basic ...

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A security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to compromise your Windows-based system running Microsoft Visual Basic 6.

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Microsoft Visual Studio .NET V.7.1 is Microsoft’s multi-faceted development tool, targeting both Windows and Web applications.

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First released in 1991, Microsoft Visual Basic was a programming environment where one could build an application by visually creating the user interface first, and then adding code. In contrast, even the smallest Visual Basic basic programs could take reams of program code to write in C or C++. Visual Basic was extremely popular for business application programming. The language itself was an interpreted BASIC dialect, however speed was maintained through the use of reusable compiled libraries (DLLs and VBX controls). These however, limited application development to Microsoft Windows.

Visual Basic easily interfaced with many database products (most notably Microsoft Access) and reporting tools (most notably Crystal Reports)

Visual Basic 3 was the most popular version under 16-bit Windows 3.1, while Visual Basic 6 was the most popular for 32-bit Windows 95/NT and later. After version 6, Visual Basic was replaced by Visual Basic .NET, an incompatible successor.

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Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Installer Free Download

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, now part of Visual Studio, was the last version of the true 'Visual Basic' product. It was extremely popular, and is still used in many businesses. It is the last that can create native 32-bit applications for Windows 9x and NT. The replacement product 'VB.NET' requires Dot Net, and changes the core basic language in such a way that it is difficult to port VB 6 applications.

Installation instructions

Requires that MSIE 4 or later is installed.