The Hacker Playbook 3 Pdf Free Download

The Hacker Playbook 3 Pdf Free Download

This handbook is about experting yourself with the hacking techniques in the hacker’s way. This is about penetration testing that how hackers play their techniques and how we can counter them. Download the hacker’s playbook practical guide to penetration testing complete in the pdf format absolutely free.


  • Introduction
  • Pregame – The Setup
  • Setting Up a Penetration Testing Box
  • Hardware
    – Basic hardware requirements are:
    – Optional hardware discussed later within the book:
    – Commercial Software
    – Kali Linux
    – High level tools list additional to Kali:
    – Setting up Kali
    – Once Your Kali VM is Up and Running:
    – Windows VM Host
    – High level tools list addition to Windows:
    – Setting up Windows
    – Summary
  • Before the Snap – Scanning the Network
    – External Scanning
    – Discover Scripts (Previously Backtrack Scripts) (Kali Linux)
    – External/Internal Active Discovery
    – Web Application Scanning
  • The Drive – Exploiting Scanner Findings
    – Metasploit (Windows/Kali Linux)
    – Scripts
  • The Throw – Manual Web Application Findings
    – Web Application Penetration Testing
  • The Lateral Pass – Moving Through the Network
    – On the Network without Credentials
    – With any Domain Credentials (Non-Admin)
    – With Any Local Administrative or Domain Admin Account
    – Post Exploitation with PowerSploit (
    – Post Exploitation with PowerShell ( (Windows)
  • The Screen – Social Engineering
    – Doppelganger Domains
    – Spear Phishing
  • The Onside Kick – Attacks that Require Physical Access
    – Exploiting Wireless
    – Physical
  • The Quarterback Sneak – Evading AV
  • Special Teams – Cracking, Exploits, Tricks
    – Password Cracking
    – Vulnerability Searching
  • Post Game Analysis – Reporting
    – Reporting
    List of My Best Practices and Concepts for Reporting

PayLoadAllTheThings / The Hacker Playbook 3 Practical Guide To Penetration Testing.pdf Go to file. Copy permalink; s0wr0b1ndef The Hacker Playbook 3 Practical. Back for the third season, The Hacker Playbook 3 (THP3) takes your offensive game to the pro tier. With a combination of new strategies, attacks, exploits, tips and tricks, you will be able to put yourself in the center of the action toward victory. The Hacker Playbook provides them their own game plans. Written by a longtime security professional and CEO of Secure Planet, LLC, this step-by-step guide to the “game” of penetration hacking features hands-on examples and helpful advice from the top of the field.

Download the hacker’s playbook practical guide to penetration testing:

The Hacker Playbook 3 Pdf Download Free

The hacker playbook 3 pdf free download torrent

The Hacker Playbook 3 Pdf Free Download Online

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