Warrock Installer Free Download

  1. Warrock Installer Free Download For Windows 7

Dec 14, 2013 War Rock is an action packed multiplayer online shoot'em-up that you can download and play totally for free. Anyone who has played Unreal Tournament and other similar games will already be familiar with the format of War Rock. Once connected to the server, you can pick a game and join the battle with people from all over the world. War Rock is a free massively multiplayer online, modern tactical first person shooter (FPS) where players have the option to purchase a wide variety of gameplay enhancing items, services, and products or play the game as it is without ever paying a dime. War Rock is populated by thousands of players at any given time in servers all over the world.

Warrock installer free download windows 7

Here's A Good idea - an online first-person shooter where players choose different classes of soldier and join opposing teams to fight it out over strategically important positions. That's just what the world of PC gaming is crying out for. Especially a really rough-edged, half-arsed one that's still bugged to buggery. Yeah, that's what we need.

This shameless online shooter clone is available for free, but considering you can't get your time back, it feels a little expensive at that. Besides, those who do stump up the monthly asking fee, or buy the boxed copy, get a bunch of advantages that make the experience even more wretched for those sensible enough to save their cash.

Give the developers credit, mind - at least they've copied the lot. There are different game modes, a variety of maps and clans - the whole kit and caboodle. Some of the maps are reasonably well designed, and there are vehicles and gun emplacements to add to the so-called fun. Saying that, the vehicles are sluggish and go down like nine-pins, and the environments and character models are functional at best, dire at worst.

Warrock Installer Free Download

Warrock Installer Free Download For Windows 7

Paying money for something this shameless and undercooked feels like shaking the hand of the guy who's shagging your wife. It'll no doubt get better as the developers scrub it up as the months go by, but right now, this suxxors.